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For 2020, the АссеssBЕT line has not undergone any major changes in terms of the level of coefficients. The bookmaker managed to keep the positive aspects that were present earlier. But at the same time, it is difficult to call the line seriously progressing.

According to the tradition that has developed over the years, АссеssBЕT does not offer high odds, deliberately not entering into price wars of bookmakers on this page. The level of quotations can be called average, while the bookmaker has its own opinion (its own analytical department) and can fall under arbitrage bets. Note as a plus-the line is smooth and fairly stable, there are no quotes with a margin of more than 10%, which is practiced by bookmakers in unpopular markets.




The margin of the bookmaker АссеssBЕT for the matches of the” big five ” (Premier League, Primera, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1) and RPL is at the level of 4-4. 5%. The quotes in the mid-level leagues (Denmark, Turkey, Portugal, the Netherlands), where the bookmaker’s margin is about 5%, have almost pulled up to this level.

It is worth noting that in the early line, the level of coefficients may be slightly lower than on the day of the match.




With the tennis line, everything is stable, the office confidently keeps the average level. Top-level tournaments (Grand Slam, ATP,WTA) are quoted within 5%. Competitions with a rank lower (Challengers, ITF) go with indicators of 7.5%.



The margin for bets on the NHL and KHL is on average 5%. On some matches, there may be a reduction of up to 2.5-3% on the main outcomes. Serious European leagues are listed slightly worse – the margin level is 5-6%. In the line for low-level championships, the bookmaker can lay a profit of 7.5-8%.




For almost all high-class tournaments (NBA, Euroleague, top European championships), АссеssBЕT gives a line with a quote level of 1.9–1.9 for equally probable outcomes, which corresponds to a margin of 5%. In lower-ranked competitions, the odds are 1.85-1.85 (7.5% margin).


The choice of bids is good


The coverage of the competitions in the line is as complete as possible, up to the lower leagues and regional competitions. A wide range of sports, including esports. At the same time, the painting has both strengths and weaknesses, since АссеssBЕT is a classic bookmaker who writes the line himself. Events and competitions can be given in a minimal or standard painting.

However, for spot matches, the company provides all possible range of offers for betting. At the same time, even for matches of equal level, they can give a completely different list of markets in terms of content.





The bookmaker АссеssBЕT gives additional bets on the markets of the exact score, the time-match, a good set of totals and handicaps, individual total of teams, comparison of halves, as well as goals of teams, to the minimum standard (outcome, double chance, total and handicap). If the match is allocated to a priority category, the player has the opportunity to bet on the result and goals in time intervals, the painting of totals, combinations of outcomes and totals, corners and cards, hitting the bars and crossbars, the exact difference in the score, individual player statistics and much more. Extended painting is also possible if you take the line on the day of the match.




The price of tennis depends heavily on the level of the match, from the minimum (only the outcome or outcome, total and handicap) to the extended one with bets on statistical indicators.




The strengths of basketball painting include the possibility of shifting odds and totals in any direction up to 9 points, in half-point increments (buying or selling a point). At the same time, the painting itself, if it is not close to the match time, is quite limited in other markets. Closer to the match, they give a comparative performance of the quarters, individual statistics of the team. The painting of matches of the same level can differ dramatically.




АссеssBЕT gives one of the best murals for hockey matches of the KHL or NHL level: a lot of bets on the mural of the period, period-match, outcome and total, individual total of teams. For less significant matches, the painting is standardly minimal — outcome, total, handicap, double chance.


Live service-good


АссеssBЕT Betting Company is one of the objective leaders in Live betting among bookmakers not only in Nigeria, but also among its foreign competitors. The company accepts daily bets on more than 1,700 sports events, including up to 60 or more events every minute. This bookmaker has the largest team of scouts in the space, whose information is the most accurate and up-to-date on events in this region. The player is offered a unique painting with a very large and varied offer.

For example, in a football mural, you can place a bet on the market “will a corner be served from all four corners of the field”, or place a bet “there will be a figure in the final score– 0 (1, 2, 3…)”. The disadvantages include not the largest number of matches, where they give in-line painting of corners or painting on cards.

The Live line platform is rated as basic by many professionals. But it is worth noting that the player has the ability to configure the service “for themselves”. This setting includes: one-click betting, automatic acceptance of bets when changing the odds and the face value of odds and totals, the choice of the” favorite ” bet amount.

Despite the fact that events in live lead to the very end of the matches, the bookmaker “АссеssBЕT” is distinguished by one of the fastest calculations of live bets.

Matches with TV broadcasts are marked with a special icon in the line. There is a schedule of live events. In addition, there is a good infographic.


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